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....when the answer that you want..isnt the question that you state..come what may..come what may...

well..my sister called me crying because she lost her virginity to her boyfriend and now she is hypersensitive to any little thing he says or does thats remotely different..she is unsure if she regrets having sex with him..she is so afraid to be giving someone something that she reserved for a man who she loved to only turn around and have the guy get what he wants..than *poof*..gone..she feels vulnerable and scared and she realizes now that this is something you cant get back..
.*..*..*..*..*..*..*..*..*.TO DARCY.*..*..*..*..*..*..*..*..*.

I dont think I could of created a more beautiful..intelligent..loving sister if I had helped design you myself...
I couldnt be more proud of you and the decisions you make..you have grown up into this amazing woman and that hasnt and will not change..
since I know you read these..I will sum it up and stop being yer biggest fan..
...simple:I love you..you are part of the reason I smile daily..and I would do anything to keep the closeness we share..oh yeah..and move closer..thanks..we have 3 am fat runs to do

...OK....now that my sister knows she fucking kicks the most ass ever of any sister in the world..I can give a summary on today..
...I am all fucking cuntrageously bitchy today..I am so like knocking on the door of my friend menstration...so I am just that much more irritated when people are cryptic or out of nowhere they express an emotion I didnt know was lurking in their though process..I am confused..but refuse to debate a topic that I wasnt aware was being created..
I got a huge shipment from sephoria.com..mmmMMMmmMMm urban decay..stila..smashbox..dessert..brand name makeup owns my fucking vaginal secretions
...other then that..I am doing nothing but grocery shopping..hopefully dan will fart in the store and make the people behind us roll their watering eyes..AGAIN..heh i am out
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