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fuck..call it PMS..call it whatever you want..but climbing inside your own head to wonder why you have a huge pile of unresolved feelings sitting over there in the corner of your mind really fucking takes a toll on you...I have this tendency to downplay how I feel..how I think..what I want..ALL because of this amazingly huge pride I possess...when it comes down to it..yeah..I fucking fell HARD..I wanted BAD..and I HATE thinking about what or who else is in the place where I should be..but would I ever say that?.. would I ever admit that?..fuck no..fuck you..fuck that..I got a major pride issue here..and as much as I want it..my pride suffocates my ability to say so..yeah..it isnt something I will grow out of..it is something that is going to have to be ripped out of my chest by someone who calls me on my fucking bullshit pride issues..now that..fucking scares me...
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