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"*"~:you fell away..what more can I say?..the feelings evolved..i wont let it out:~"*"

.:*:..:*:.{and with a wave of a fucking imaginary wand..I have been hyperblessed with the gift of the surreal "what if" mindset}.:*:..:*:.
*coughs*...it isnt like I am complaining because I am turning into this angst-filled conspiracy theorist..my what ifs have been mostly amusing..
(like the wonderful dreams of fucking people from the damn net..not just friends..I always dream of fucking them..I am talking about people I have not even met yet..it is starting to worry me..it is..ya know..THE net..*twitches*...I am on a 4 night streak of this netfucker thing..dream wise..I wonder if it will stop tonight..*shrugs*..like I said..amusing...
~:for some fucking reason..lately I have felt like looking around for somewhere else to have wet dreams about internet contacts..aka..moving..I think it isnt so much that I want to move as it is just I am becoming consumed by this need for change..maybe I am bored..*shrugs*:~
*ponders*..it isnt that I am unhappy..not at all..actually I have been a smiley girl lately..everything is better than good..it is just that I feel like I should just do everything that crosses my mind right when it does..so I cant feel like I missed out..but lose out on what?..thats the part where I am confused..I am not really lacking anything
......................*SPRINT SUCKS ANAL WARTS*............................
(random outburst brung to you by "miaisfuckinglackingbarsignalstrengthonhernewcellcauseshelivesinthefuckingbooniesandisgoingtofirebombsprintheadquartersiftheydontputupatowernearhersoon")
Katy and Talia are in town helping Talias brother move his shit up here..he is going to psu next fall..so we are going to lunch downtown and fuck around..there is a comfort in hanging out with the people you grew up with..especially when you grew up in a small town..there is a familiarity that seems calming..*smiles*..so I am all fucking excited for that..oh and the fact my candles I ordered from the candle party i went to fucking kick so much ass..I am a total candle freak..I go through at least 8 votives a day..plus the tealights and other various large sized ones i burn constantly..but this company..PartyLite..their candles are fucking YUMMY...plus..they burn differently..there is no wax residue.. they burn untill they dissapear..all thats left is the metal wick holder..oh one more thing..Dan the wonder roomie..made dinner..and for once..it didnt taste like an ass filled with hotgarbage stuffing..heh..all is well in the mia household

.....I know it has been a while..since I posted here..I guess having assumptions made on who my entries were about and what they meant started to really fucking bother me..look..if you ask if I was referring to you..I will own up to it..maybe the dramatics you hate so much wouldnt be such a problem if you stopped creating them inside that head of yours...
.......something to fucking ponder...eh?......
oh..and my space link is http://profiles.myspace.com/users/18079753
(for those who keep losing it..heh)
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