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*~{:bitch..dont cast the first stone..thats my job:}~*

~*hard to say what caught my attention..fixed and crazy, aphid attraction*~

25 January
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.:.*~*..I guess I am your typical 27 year old girl..concerts and horror movies..innapropriate laughter and drives..yum..*~*.:.
*°·.~.·°*Hypocrites..judgemental uneducated views..pity party hosts..and backstabbing at the cost of friendships..these things are what I tend to bitchslap people for*°·.~.·°*
`~'*.,.*'~`The most important thing in the world is the ability to laugh..at yourself..at others..and with others..the sigh you exhale when you are truly happy with your choices..the smiles you get when you drift off in a memory..these things are the true meaning of happiness`~'*.,.*'~`